Mitchell Collyer had answers to all of your questions when he was up in the ‘QUESTIONS FUR YOU’ feature. Here are the questions that were submitted and the answers that he had.

Who is your best neighbor ever? – Ryan Little

That’s a tough one, I think I will have to go with the Little’s.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? – Michael Collyer

My dad has definitely been the biggest influence. always been there to support me and push me.

What is your favorite colour? – Wolfie

I’d probably have to say that my favourite colour is blue.

Who is a player from the present that represents your hockey’s identity and skills the most? Why? – olibokit

A player from the present that I would say resembles my identity and skill is probably someone like Wayne Simmonds. From the past, I would probably have to say someone like Eric Lindros. Both players were power-forwards and that is my style of play.

Thank you for sending us your questions. Stay tuned for our next, ‘QUESTIONS FUR YOU’ feature when Anthony Reimer will answer your questions!