Annually, the North Vancouver Wolf Pack welcomes 22 players from various regions across Canada and British Columbia, inviting them to the Lower Mainland. Their duration of stay ranges from a single day to an entire season.

Creating a nurturing and secure environment is paramount for our players to feel at home. Achieving this requires time, patience, and a genuine willingness to open up and share. It’s essential to understand that cultural and personal differences may exist on both ends. Throughout this process, there’s an opportunity to forge lasting friendships that transcend these differences, potentially leading to lifelong connections.

What makes a great Billet?

Being a billet requires a high degree of sensitivity and patience. It’s crucial to recognize that the player is distanced from their family, navigating a new environment as a distinct individual. Adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings can pose challenges.

The most effective approach to easing this transition is to offer a welcoming environment by sharing your lifestyle in a positive, secure, and nurturing manner. Creating a space that encourages comfort and understanding helps the player acclimate and find their footing in this new setting.

What the Host Family provides:

The essentials for a billet include a private bedroom with a closet, or ideally, a private or basement suite.

Providing nutritious meals and a genuine sense of home is paramount.

Creating a patient, caring, positive, and welcoming home atmosphere is key to ensuring the player feels comfortable and supported.

Offering the same level of guidance and attention you’d desire for your own children fosters a nurturing environment conducive to the player’s well-being and growth.

What the Host Family receives:

A monthly stipend.

Season tickets with exclusive perks for all immediate family members residing in the household, granting access to all Wolf Pack games.

Invitations to team-related events.

Access to firsthand information regarding events and developments involving the North Vancouver Wolf Pack, fostering a sense of involvement and connection.

Housing Dates: AUGUST 2023

Player arrivals are scheduled for mid-August, allowing high school or college-enrolled players to attend school registration. Additionally, this timeframe aligns with the commencement of the training camp in early September 2023.

Housing arrangements will be maintained throughout the season, which typically extends until the end of March and possibly into May, ensuring accommodation for the entire duration of their stay.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on becoming a Host Family:

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