We are committed to creating a first-class organization and a winning culture for our players. We pride ourselves in developing successful hockey players and successful young men. We aim to become the highest-profile sports franchise on the North Shore and the most sought-after team to play for in the Pacific Junior Hockey League.

Our organization is committed to nurturing hockey players and exceptional individuals who excel on and off the ice. Our dedicated coaching staff has implemented a comprehensive system ensuring the holistic development of our players, encompassing:

1. Hockey and Skating Skills / Systems: Refining technical abilities and game strategies.
2. Physical Fitness: Emphasizing the importance of a strong and healthy body.
3. Education in Life & Academic Skills: Prioritizing both on-ice and off-ice learning for personal growth.
4. Community Service: Encouraging active involvement in giving back to the community.
5. Mentorship: Providing guidance and support for personal and professional development.
6. Personal Development: Nurturing character and life skills essential beyond the rink.
7. Hockey Development: Continuous enhancement of hockey-related skills.
8. Off-Ice Dryland Training: Mandatory training sessions held in a controlled setting and consistently supervised by professionals throughout the season.
9. Trainer Support: Ensuring player safety and well-being with a dedicated trainer present at all events and handling injuries off the ice.
10. Education Initiatives: Offering scholarships to support academic success alongside athletic pursuits.

11. Community Engagement: Active involvement in school programs and local events, contributing to minor hockey, charities, and foundations across the North Shore.

Team Culture: Cultivating a team culture and camaraderie through team-building activities and events established over 15 years.

These facets collectively contribute to the unique environment we’ve cultivated within the Wolf Pack, ensuring our players thrive both within the sport and in life beyond the rink.

For more information on playing for the North Vancouver Wolf Pack,  please email