Veteran Spotlight – Corson Penman

Giancarlo Nadeau


Corson Penman wore two jersey numbers during his time in the PJHL, and his numbers were way higher than the ones on the back of his jerseys.


Over the past three years, he made many memories with a great group of guys. “I’m happy that I got to experience these three years, and I wish everyone who was a part of it luck,” he said.


The North Vancouver boy made his PJHL debut against the Richmond Sockeyes on Thursday, September 9, 2021. Penman had an assist on JJ Pickell’s game-winning goal, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last time he’d play a significant part in helping his team win. “I remember being very honoured and proud to wear my hometown’s junior jersey. Going from the Kootenay league back to my hometown meant a lot,” he admitted. He scored 20 goals and had 13 assists for 33 points in 38 games during his rookie campaign, including an assist in round one against the Whalers.


Family plays a part in the lives of many junior hockey players, and the Penman family is no different. “They are the whole reason I’m even here playing junior hockey. They were such a big part of it,” he said. “Taking me to early morning practices and to and from games is a massive reason why I’m here,” he added. The Penman family attended many games at home and on the road and volunteered whenever extra help was needed.


There have been a few changes in the PJHL since Penman first suited up. “It’s definitely improved and gotten a lot better. I think the league’s growing with a new team coming in and Poco joining this year,” he explained. The league’s expanding. It’s getting a lot better, and it’s cool to see,” he admitted. 


One way to describe the 2003-born forward is as a speedy player capable of putting the puck in the net. “I like using my speed to my advantage. I feel like I’m good down low and getting the puck from low to high,” he said. Penman was always near the front of the net and in a good position to tap home rebounds and be open for a pass.


He will continue skating during the off-season and staying in shape. “I’ll work and hang out with my teammates. I love those guys and want to stay in touch with them, so maybe I’ll play some rounds of golf with them,” he said. He has created memories with his teammates that he continues to cherish.


Penman is also very proud of his personal memories. He scored the 2022 Teddy Bear Toss goal against the Abbotsford Pilots, and thinking of that puts a smile on his face quite easily. “Scoring that goal was pretty special with my family in attendance,” he admitted. Every player dreams of scoring the Teddy Bear Toss goal, and Penman was fortunate enough to do it.


Losing in the playoffs his first two years with the Wolf Pack was challenging to deal with. “We all used that as motivation, and that’s why it’s tough to swallow that we were out so early. Those playoff series really did it,” he said.


Penman wore jersey number 10 in his rookie season and final campaign with the team but donned number 16 during that middle season, his second season in the league. He was a member of the Dryden Ice Dogs at the beginning of the 2022-23 season, which meant that number 10 was up for grabs. Andrew Casellato took that number and wore it all season, even though Penman was back with the team in October. 


He was happy to finish his career with the same jersey number that he started with. “I got to go with number 10. I wore it in Revelstoke and my first year of junior, so I would say that number has a lot of meaning to it,” he explained. Penman did give some love to his other number, “16 was good too, but I got to go with 10.” He may have worn two different numbers in North Vancouver, but number 10 is the number many of us will remember.


On another note, the Grandview Steelers are one team that won’t miss playing Corson Penman. In 15 games against the black and gold, he scored 13 goals and seven assists, including the only two hat tricks of his career. With nearly 20 percent of his points coming against that team, it’s safe to say that he owns the Grandview Steelers and the Burnaby Winter Club.


As for how he wants to be remembered by the fans, “I want them to remember me as a guy who wore his heart on his sleeve and gave it his all every night.” It won’t be hard to remember him.


Corson Penman finished his PJHL career with 60 goals, 47 assists, 107 points, and 123 regular season and playoff games.