North Vancouver, B.C. – The North Vancouver Wolf Pack is excited to announce its commitment to becoming a Tier 1 Junior A program after becoming a Tier 2 Junior A organization earlier today. 


BC Hockey has announced a new pathway for Junior A hockey in British Columbia and Yukon in the 2023-24 season. This transformation will see all Junior B teams from the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL), the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL), and the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League (VIJHL) commit immediately to an enhanced player experience and increased grassroots engagement, as a part of reclassification as Junior A.

Teams will be subject to an internal BC Hockey standards-tiering structure, with all teams starting as Tier 2. The BC Hockey Board of Directors unanimously approved the reclassification of these leagues to Junior A. This pathway will provide a new and exciting route for many B.C.-born players to compete at the Junior A level as they pursue their goals in hockey and education. 

“The Wolf Pack is extremely excited about this opportunity for our organization and all three leagues in the Province. We have always strived to operate the program to prepare our players for what it will be like at the Jr. A level,” explained Wolf Pack CEO Dean Samson.

Several commitments must be made unanimously by each of the 45 teams now joining the Junior A classification, including a rigorous process and analysis conducted over the next three seasons, allowing individual teams and communities to find the level of Junior hockey most suited to them. An independent advisory board will evaluate Junior A Tier 2 teams to determine what teams will advance to the Junior A Tier 1 level.

“Our organization is already in a great position to make the transition this season and beyond. We are looking forward to the potential of becoming a part of the CJHL and competing at a national level,” exclaimed Dean Samson.

The future goal for those teams achieving Junior A Tier 1 status will be to seek membership with the CJHL eventually. Such membership would open the door to future competitions for the Centennial Cup, Canada’s Junior A National Championship, and eligibility for players and bench staff for Hockey Canada and the CJHL’s World Junior A Challenge.

During the evaluation period, all reclassified teams will continue participating in their established leagues – the KIJHL, the PJHL, and the VIJHL. 


Junior A Tier 2 Quick Facts

There are 45 BC Hockey member Junior A Tier 2 organizations. For the 2023-24 season:

  • KIJHL – 20 teams 
  •  PJHL – 14 teams 
  •  VIJHL – 11 teams


Click here to view the full press release from the PJHL.

You can click here to hear from Wolf Pack CEO Dean Samson.