Wolf Pack Strength and Conditioning Coach works with Bedard

Giancarlo Nadeau


Jack Tadey played with the North Vancouver Wolf Pack for three years after his high school graduation, and now he’s the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach. 


“I was fortunate enough to win the PJHL championship in my first season with an outstanding team,” said Tadey. Mitch Crisanti, Dyllan and Spencer Quon, Daniel DelBianco, Alex Ambrosio, Troy Ring, Bret Higham, and captain Brodyn Nielsen were big pieces of that 2014-15 championship group. “It was a very fun year and was good for my development. It was fun to learn what a championship team is like,” added Tadey. Playing for his hometown team in the same rink he grew up skating at was a special feeling. “Looking back now, it was a blast playing for the Wolf Pack, and I’m fortunate to be part of the team still,” he said. 

A photo of Jack Tadey playing with the Wolf Pack.                                    J Rolands Photography

Tadey has been the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the North Vancouver Wolf Pack for three years. “As you get older, your priorities change, and I think I found that I was enjoying the off-ice part of the game a little more than the on-ice part of it, so I started researching and finding information out on my own,” he said while searching for his next role after playing hockey. 


Tadey currently works with RK4 Development on top of his role with his junior team. Ryan Kerr founded the company and has trained several athletes. Connor Bedard, Fraser Minten, and a handful of WHL and Junior players top the list. “We’ve been really blessed to train with these individuals for many years and spend a lot of time working with younger generations,” said Tadey. Meeting and connecting with different people is the best part of his job. “Seeing people get better and sharing my passion with them excites me,” adds Tadey. 

Tadey assists Wolf Pack forward JJ Maros with an exercise.             North Van Wolf Pack

Although Tadey no longer plays hockey, he admits that working with the Wolf Pack has been incredible. “It’s nice being at the rink. You miss the hockey smell a bit! The best part of working with the Wolf Pack is giving back to an organization I played with and trying to get the players to the next level.”


Hockey continues to change and grow. Having a Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Junior team is crucial to that organization’s success and the development of its players. “I think it’s essential. With kids starting to play hockey so early now and with how the game is going, you have to start early. If you start building a foundation early and making it fun for kids, they will get used to the gym environment and know what they need to do.”

Jack Tadey gives a demo to Wolf Pack players at a team practice.               North Van Wolf Pack

Even though Tadey may not be on the ice with his hometown team anymore, his passion for the Wolf Pack organization will never disappear. “At the end of the day, these coaches want the best for you, and I think it takes a little bit to realize that, but taking a step back and knowing that everyone wants the best for you is the biggest part.”